patches: MacOS-like Wallstreet sound in/out controls

Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at
Sun Sep 19 16:55:22 EST 1999

attached are a set of patches to make sound controls like those in MacOS.  the
first patch is one to add volume/mute button support.  I didn't write this one,
but I think it's a must have for any Wallstreet owner.  And if you want to use
the second patch, it is required.  The second uses the AWACS interrupt to
monitor the in/out ports and mods resources accordingly.  ie, if headphones
attached, speakers turn off.  unplug phones, speakers on.  same with the line-in
port: plug in and line-in becomes input source (mic in the header..?), when
removed, it isn't.

It's a little messy, but works to the extent of testing on my pbg3/300.  Tell me
if you think I should try to get it put in the tree.  Or we all may think having
2 out volumes is better.  never made sense to me. <shrug>

Joseph P. Garcia      jpgarcia at      jpgarcia at
CS Undergraduate                      Student Employee - Systems Programmer
University of Wisconsin - Madison                            UW Lidar Group
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