missing space on ext2fs scsi drive

Timothy Wall twall at tiac.net
Wed Sep 15 08:15:04 EST 1999

I'm running a 604e (PowerCenterPro 180) with 128 Mb RAM, 128Mb swap.
The root partition is on either a 4Gb or 8Gb disk (I think it's on the 8Gb).
I've run mke2fs sans arguments w/o problems, but on smaller disks (I've got an 8,
a 4, a 2, and a 0.7Gb).

Hollis R Blanchard wrote:

> Yeah. The problem (I hear) is that just running mke2fs on a large hard drive
> from the installer will lock up machines will less than very large amounts of
> RAM. Although now that I think about it, if you're able to run mke2fs by hand
> and it works fine, maybe there really isn't a problem. What are your system
> specs, and can you run mke2fs sans arguments without problem?
> -Hollis

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