Possible bug in quik

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Mon Sep 13 02:28:26 EST 1999

In quik 2.0, in main.c (bottom of function main()), I found:

     * For the sake of the Open Firmware XCOFF loader, the entry
     * point may actually be a procedure descriptor.
    start = *(unsigned *)entry;
    if (start < load_loc || start >= load_loc + len
	|| ((unsigned *)entry)[2] != 0)
	/* doesn't look like a procedure descriptor */
	start += entry;
    printf("Starting at %x\n", start);
    (* (void (*)()) start)(params, 0, prom_entry, 0, 0);

I was wondering why, when we don't find an XCOFF desc, do we _add_ entry to
start. I would have replaced start completely since in this case, we may
want to
enter the kernel at entry directly. Did I miss something ?

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