Kensington 'orbit' trackball - think's it's a turbomouse 5?

Jules Bean jmlb2 at
Sun Sep 12 13:32:14 EST 1999

Hi all..

I hope this is the right list to post to.  I *think* it's too technical
for -user, but redirect me if not..

I've just installed LinuxPPC (actually, YDL) on my Dad's G3-upgraded 7350
here, and everything is running nicely.

The machine has a trackball which calls itself a 'kensington orbit'.  I
have browsed the mailing list archives and found a couple of threads
talking about the badly behaved turbomouse.  Well, this trackball sounds a
bit like that, except that it only has two buttons, not three.

At boot time, the kernel says:

[jules at sharpsburg jules]$ dmesg | egrep '^ADB' 
ADB mouse at 3, handler 1 (TurboMouse 5)
ADB mouse at 15, handler 1
ADB mouse at 3, handler 1 (TurboMouse 5)
ADB mouse at 15, handler 1
ADB keyboard at 2, handler 1

When I'm in X, the mouse operates fine as a two-button mouse, except that
it is sending buttons 1 and 2, rather than the more useful 1 and 3.

I can superficially fix this last using xmodmap pointer, although (AFAIK)
there's no way of doing an 'emulate3buttons' trick at this stage.

I think there's something slightly odd going on here (hence my post to
this mailing list) because of how mousemode behaves:

[root at sharpsburg jules]# /sbin/mousemode 3
handler for addr 3 is 50
[root at sharpsburg jules]# /sbin/mousemode 15
handler for addr 15 is -1

Then, if I try to set things to handler 4, as suggested in emails I've
found here abouts, I get:

[root at sharpsburg jules]# /sbin/mousemode 3 4
handler for addr 3 was 50
trying to set handler to 4...
handler is now 50

I can only make changes take effect by going 'via' handler -1.  Then, both
buttons start being button 1!

Now, what I'd like to see, is either:

1) The kernel giving buttons 1 and 3 for the two buttons, and button 2 if
they are chorded


2) The kernel giving buttons 1 and 3, and  XF86FBDev doing the chording
(Emulate3Buttons doesn't work - maybe that's simply because the mouse
gives buttons 1 and 2 by default).

I'm C-literate, and happy hacking kernel files to test out ideas.. any
pointers appreciated.

Oh, I almost forgot.  You'll want to know this, I expect:

[jules at sharpsburg jules]$ uname -a
Linux 2.2.6-16bpmac #1 Thu Jul 29 16:04:31 MDT 1999
ppc unknown


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