David Edelsohn dje at
Sat Sep 11 03:39:31 EST 1999

>>>>> Sacha Varma writes:

Sacha> Has any progress been made on LinuxPPC Altivec support? I posted a while back
Sacha> and there was some discussion, I wondered if anyone was taking it further. I
Sacha> suppose the arrival of G4 Macs in a few weeks' time will help kickstart things.
Sacha> It would be great if AIM took the lead in this sort of work...

Sacha> The issues as I remember them:

Sacha> .. support in egcs for the Altivec C language extensions, 
Sacha> hopefully C++ also (someone said they had patches supplied
Sacha> by Motorola, but I've not found mention of these on the
Sacha> Motorola SPS site so I assume they're not for general
Sacha> consumption)

	Apple apparently has a version of egcs-1.1.2 with an improved
version of Motorola's AltiVec support merged in.  I still have not seen
any offer of these patches to the GCC maintainers (and accompanying
assignment to the FSF) for inclusion in the public sources.


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