help, ridiculous load average causes crash...

P. Barrette barretp at mcmail.cis.McMaster.CA
Fri Sep 10 04:46:35 EST 1999

I've been having periodic crashing lately on my 7200/120 40 RAM running R5
the 2.2.2 and now the 2.2.12 kernels.  I have been logging uptimes via
cron hourly and whenever the uptime gets near 2.9 or so everything crashes
and reboots.
Now, there is no reason (that I can see) to have such a high load average,
I routinely have load averages of 1.4 with nothing but X and two Eterms
running, and then just sitting idly!  After booting load average is 2.2 +
and performance is a bit sluggish.  I'm not sure what the cause is, I
haven't got anything strange going on:
I don't run gnome, just enlightenment which I compiled myself.  My eterms
are semi trans parent, but this happens without them too, so I don[t know
about that.

Any ideas?  e.g. switch to YDL?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Barrette
Ph.D. Candidate Classics (Latin Literature)
System Administrator
McMaster University

"Oppositaque ad os manu nescio quid taetrum 
exsibilavit, quod postea Graecum esse affirmabat."

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