bug glibc strlen() or tcl8.2

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl at munich.netsurf.de
Fri Sep 10 03:35:41 EST 1999

At 16:42 09.09.99 , Maurice DIAMANTINI wrote:

>I'm unable to execute tcl8.2 on linuxppc R5. Although it compile and
>run very simply on intel box, solaris, ... but not on linuxppc
>The programm compils OK, but get a core dump at the first execution
>of a tcl command (in fact at the "make test")


>     memcpy ((VOID *) &tmpArgList, (VOID *) &argList, sizeof (tmpArgList));

This is unportable in combination with va_list. Try:

       __va_copy (tmpArgList, argList);


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