MO-Disk on PPC with 53C94 SCSI-chip

Jerry Quinn jquinn at
Wed Sep 8 04:59:04 EST 1999

>> "Paul" == Paul Mackerras <paulus at> writes:

 >> and second, a mac53c94 driver which may have some bugs.

 Paul> I wrote the mac53c94 driver a long time ago and I haven't spent
 Paul> anything like as much time on it as on the mesh driver (which isn't
 Paul> perfect either).

 Paul> The opportunity is sitting there, waiting for someone to pick it up, to
 Paul> stress-test, debug and optimize the mac53c94 driver, including doing
 Paul> things like implementing disconnect/reconnect.  In the Open Source
 Paul> tradition, this should be someone for whom this is an itch that they
 Paul> want to scratch. :-)

Can you tell us what the difference is between this driver and the generic
53c94 driver in the same directory?  Also, is there a source of docs other
than the code there (for us SCSI newbies :-)?


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