new boot procedures (Re: LinuxPPC on CDROM as an emergency boot)

Brad Midgley brad at
Fri Sep 3 11:39:06 EST 1999

>>some people have looked into making vmlinux new-OF-bootable but then it
>>must live on an hfs[+] partition and again we have no ramdisk capability.
> I'm interested in those fixes.

i've put some of the discussion on the subject and the relevant netbsd
sources online if you want to more easily browse them:

the best plan of attack would be to first look at the kernel:

 - get vmlinux to boot from new OF directly
 - adapt kernel to allow for compiled-in ramdisk, as is done for prep

this allows for cdboot and a kind of hd boot, provided you have hfs[+];
then tackle quik:

 - get quik to work with new OF 
 - get quik to load ramdisks (this would be optional if we already have
   compiled-in-ramdisk support, even on older OF)

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