A few sleep patches

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Wed Sep 1 03:20:04 EST 1999



You'll find a few patches to apply to your latest stable tree. I've
changed a bit of things in the media bay code (increasing reset timer and
a few more hacks to make sure the states goes to MB_NO before switching
to a new device, just in case...), it looks a lot more reliable on my
wallstreet (no more CD badly inserted printk, at least not today ;-)

I've added the sleep code for media bay, macserial (untested) and fixed a
minor thing in the sleep code for video (added a chipid, enabled FB
backup (we may be able to get rid of it, I'm not sure for LP_CHIP_ID)).

There may be one or two more things, I don't remember if I included my
root partition detect fix (actually, I don't remember if my mkpatch
script did diff drivers/block/genhd.c and can't test now).

Tell me if it causes trouble on your machine, I'll try to do more tests

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