Problems compiling ppc kernels.

David Riley happyoscar42 at
Wed Oct 27 05:00:01 EST 1999

Mike Panetta wrote:
> I have been having some real weird problems with compiling
> kernels for my iMAC.  I have tried kernel versions 2.2.12, 2.3.23, 2.3.21
> And have goten pretty much the same results.  In all these compile attemts
> I have had to make drivers/usb/mkmap (2.2.x), or drivers/usb/mkmap.adb (2.3.x)
> executable because the Makefile complained that it did not have permissions to
> run the script.  After that was fixed I had various linking problems at the
> very end of the compile when it was making vmlinux.  Usually pertaining to
> mac_floppy or something.  Disabling this in the .config did not help.  It just
> went on complaining about other symbols not being found.  Could someone please
> point me at some patches or directions on what I am doing wrong?  I have never
> had a problem compiling kernels on my i386, except for some of the 2.3.x series.
> What am I doing wrong? (it must be me since obviously someone compile a kernel!)
> Thanks,
> Mike Panetta
> --

If it helps, HFS doesn't work in the vger kernels.  You are probably not
using vger, since as far as I know vger doesn't have past 2.3.18 yet
(but I haven't checked in a month).  Try turning HFS support off (though
that wouldn't fuss at all about the floppy).
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