SuSE Rage 128 Xserver Source and XFree 3.3.6

anthony tong atong at
Thu Oct 21 06:05:02 EST 1999

Kevin B. Hendricks (Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 03:43:06PM -0400):
> I got tired of waiting for SuSE to release the source to its accelerated
> Xserver for Rage 128, so I sent them a nasty gram and what they replied is
> below:
> So Anthony?, Tom?, Geert?, Anyone?
> Do any of you know who has access to XFree 3.3.6 source code so that we can
> get started porting this server to PPC?

I have the source, and also Precision Insights additions to it (a bit 
cleaner layout + hw cursor).

I've also started merging into our xf68_fbdev but I won't have any free
time to continue this (at least for a week or so). The problem is that
they're using the xaa interface (which never was ported to ppc), so you
have to wrapper all their accel functions by hand.

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