The New iMac

Alex Vallens Vallens at Colorado.EDU
Tue Oct 12 07:39:34 EST 1999

It looks as though the real question is does it work on the iBook. The
only significant addition to the new iMacs is the "New World" interface.
This, if I remember correctly, posed some problems this summer when we
tried to boot one of the iMacs at Macworld off the Linux CD. Has anyone
messed around with booting an iBook with the Linux kernel? If this
obstacle can be leaped, I'm sure the iMac will be easily booted also.

What about the G4's? Anyone seen one of those Sawtooth machines, (not
the Yikes!, since Yikes! is still the G3 architecture with a G4 slapped
on)? All three of these have "New World" ROMs, so getting one to work
should be enough to get all to boot.


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