USB Bulk transfers

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at
Tue Nov 30 11:39:56 EST 1999

	Hi there.  Can you guys suggest a USB card for PCI
bus, which is supported by MacOS and LinuxPPC?  The
exact model, and such, so that I can find it out there
somewhere.  Or a URL to such things!
	I've grepped the entire kernel tree, read all the
USB-related source code, and the LDP, but I haven't
found info on a non-motherboard USB interface!
	I would be interested in putting this into a PowerMac
7500 or something in that 7xxx series.  Any
suggestions or caveats?  Thank you for your time!

--- iweiny at wrote:
> Has anyone done anything with the USB bulk
> transfers?
> PowerMac 8500
> USB card and Mouse WORK!
> kernel 2.2.12 self compiled
> USB 2.3.29 code from Pauls rsync tree (modified for
> 2.2 kernel)

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