missing atyfb option in kernel 2.2.14pre9

Michael Fenske michael.fenske at arcormail.de
Mon Nov 29 00:53:05 EST 1999

Martin Costabel wrote:

> It is there. It used to be there twice, once in the list of standard PPC
> video cards, and once in the list of experimental FB drivers. It is now
> classified "experimental", so you see the option only if you choose
> "Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers" in the "General
> setup" menu.

Ah, there is it. Up to now I don't select "Prompt for development and/or
incomplete code/drivers". I think this driver _is_ experimental. For
example scrolling in the console is much slower compared with the offb
driver and what is really annoying is that I can't use atyfb on my
PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) if I boot it with Open Firmware.


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