A.Joshi: What is the status of Voodoo3 drivers?

Patrik Jonsson patrik at ucolick.org
Sun Nov 28 18:44:09 EST 1999

>	unfortunately not :(   we were supposed to recieve a voodoo3 from
>MacTell but they went out of business, do you or anyone else know of a
>place that sells Mac PCI voodoo3's?  i'd imagine the "mac" version is
>different then the pc one, with an of driver orsomething...

3dfx has drivers on their page, including a rom image so you can flash a pc
card with OF firmware. They just released an OpenGL driver as well, they
are pretty good for calling it "unsupported"...
Anyway, that should contain what you want, so you can just buy a pc pci V3
card for <$100 and flash it. (That's what all the Mac folks that use V3
cards have done.)

I would also LOVE to have a V3 driver!

Hope that helps,


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