newbie: get ppc823fads working with linux 2.3.x kernel...

Dan Malek dmalek at
Thu Nov 25 07:45:24 EST 1999

raphael.bossek at wrote:

> i tried here to cross-compile the unstable linux kernel for the FADS
> ppc823 evaluation board but i get ONLY errors while compiling... For
> instance the serial.c source does not compile or other stuff too...

I guess I didn't write this enough times in the notes....Do not, do not,
configure _any_ of the serial I/O options, and many other things, like
CONFIG_VT.  When you select 8xx for the processor type, the proper
serial I/O selections are automatically made to use the internal
CPM serial ports.

> Where will be CONFIG_FADS #defined ?

Somewhere, someplace, someday, when I get around to making the CVS
updates.  It was a configuration option a very long time ago, it
never worked, I couldn't test it, so I removed it.  I will put it
back in based upon tested patches from others......

Get Magnus Damm to send you his (F)ADS patches (which he was going
to send to me :-)......

Get on the linuxppc-embedded mailing list.  Search the old mail
archives for FADS messages.

	-- Dan

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