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Frank McPherson frank at
Wed Nov 24 07:54:54 EST 1999

Jim and others, 

We did some work last summer with a Dy4-177 VMEbus board which came to
us with the VxWorks bootrom intact, and used a similar solution to

> The
> binary-to-assembly convertor is a simple perl script which does almost
> the same thing as vxWorks' binToAsm tool.

We are using a piggyback.c (different from the one in chrpboot)  to
produce the assembly.   It's probably no better or worse than the perl
script you've got.  

> The initrd stuff would need similar treatment, but since I don't use
> initrd, I haven't implemented it.

We DID find it useful to have initrd support, so our Makefiles can use
piggyback to make a tftp/vxworks loadable Linux kernel.   If this is
something you could use, please let me know.  



Frank H. McPherson IV
W118 Embedded Solutions Team
The MITRE Corporation

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