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Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 14:46:53 EST 1999

LiuTao wrote:

> ........ The board
> is running well with vxWorks now.
> I want to make a bootloader on the board.

How do you load vxWorks?  I have worked on several vxWorks projects,
and all of the systems had the vxWorks TFTP loader in the rom.  Use
the same thing (whatever that is) to load the Linux/PPC image.

The zImage is linked such that you can just treat it as a bag o' bits
to dump into memory.  Even with non-standard boot loaders, all you
need to do is write a simple program to strip the 64K ELF header, place
your own header on the top, make sure it gets loaded above 0x180000
and jump to the start of the image.

	-- Dan

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