Floppy problems

Eric Dorland dorland at lords.com
Sat Nov 20 17:18:33 EST 1999

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 10:17:00PM -0800, David A. Gatwood wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Eric Dorland wrote:
> > I've tried a bunch of different floppies (at least 5), all give the exactly
> > same error. The drive works flawlessly in the MacOS. I don't really have
> > MkLinux installed to test it. Something I forgot to mention. When I try to
> > to do dd, it gives the error and hangs the terminal. I can switch to another
> > virt. console, but the dd process refuses to die. Is there something odd
> > about the G3 floppy drive? Does anyone have this problem?
> It does sound like a driver bug.  And no, the G3 machines should be using
> the same (Mitsubishi or Panasonic) mechanisms used in all the other
> PowerMacs.  It's remotely possible they used the Sony mechanism, but I
> don't think they've done that since the Quadras, so....

It is very weird. Again, other G3 users, does your floppy drive work?

> > BTW, is there any utility in the MacOS to write raw disk images? DiskCopy
> > will mount them, but doesn't seem to want to write them to a floppy. (Its a
> > Debian i386 bootdisk).
> DiskCopy should be able to write them, too.

It can't, it copes out with a -54 error. Looking it up its a permError
(trying to write a locked file) which doesn't make much sense.

Eric Dorland
dorland at lords.com

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