Building 'mount' for an embedded system

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Fri Nov 19 12:58:46 EST 1999

Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> Brendan Simon <bsimon at> writes:
> > I read README.mount which said mount was presently maintained by Andries
> > Brouwer <aeb at> and the ftp site is
> >
> > I downloaded
> >
> > which had some of the missing files but not all of them.
> It would help if you told what files are missing.

It was make_include.  I thought I had executed configure but I objviously

> I built mount from one of the 2.9 versions of util-linux without
> problems.

Did you compile on a native powerpc system or did you use a cross-compiler ?

I think the problem I am having is that configure is not setup to support
cross-compilation.  I have got a little further now by massaging the MCONFIG
file and the generate make_include file.  I will have a go at editing the
configure script and submit any changes to the utils-linux maintainer.  I
will also let the linux-embedded mailing lists know of my results.

Brendan Simon.

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