Building 'mount' for an embedded system

Marcus Sundberg erammsu at
Fri Nov 19 00:39:29 EST 1999

Brendan Simon <bsimon at> writes:

> I downloaded linuxppc-pre-R5/sources/base/mount-2.9o-1.src.rpm from a
> LinuxPPC mirror.
> I installed it in a temporary location on my x86 machine and tried to
> compile it with my powerpc-linux cross-compiler.  It would not build as
> there were files missing.
> I read README.mount which said mount was presently maintained by Andries
> Brouwer <aeb at> and the ftp site is
> I downloaded
> which had some of the missing files but not all of them.
> Can anyone tell me where I can get COMPLETE sources to compile mount for
> a powerpc system (embedded) or at least where I can find the missing
> bits and pieces.

It would help if you told what files are missing.
I built mount from one of the 2.9 versions of util-linux without 

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