again 2.3.28

David N. Welton davidw at
Thu Nov 18 15:03:00 EST 1999

Ok... hmmm, this may mean something, but I'll leave it to others to
tell me if I've found something or if I'm just on crack.

	addi	r5,r5,-4
	addi	r6,r6,-4
4:	li	r0,8
	mtctr	r0
3:	addi	r6,r6,4			/* copy a cache line */
	lwzx	r0,r6,r4
	stwx	r0,r6,r3
	bdnz	3b
	dcbst	r6,r3			/* write it to memory */
	icbi	r6,r3			/* flush the icache line */
	cmplw	0,r6,r5
	bl	davidw_debug	   <<<<<<<<< POSITION 1	
	blt	4b
	bl	davidw_debug	   <<<<<<<<< POSITION 2
	addi	r5,r5,4
	addi	r6,r6,4

When davidw_debug is in position 1, it actually exits the boot load
back into the firmware with a 'default catch' or something like that.
If it is in position 2, it just hangs and does nothing (possibly
continuing with this loop forever?).

Is this significant?  Or am I just messing up something else?

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