again 2.3.28

Ani Joshi ajoshi at
Thu Nov 18 06:39:33 EST 1999

	i messed aroudn with .28 last night and it seems to die *after*
mmu_init but before start_kernel, you can test this by making and export a
function which simply prom_print("got here\n");'s and then calling it from
head.S with the asm "bl	my_got_here_function".  it also gets passed
loading the new hash table.

thats all i could do last nite cause i left my serial cable at work :(
what i would suggest is that you first apply my arch/ppc/mm/init.c fix and
then use a serial debug console (make sure you have this in your kernel),
and use kernel arg "console=ttyS0" and have a machine with a terminal
running nearby.  it could be dieing early in start_kernel...


On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Andreas Tobler wrote:

> Hi,
> my investigation brought me to the point, where I think the break must
> be between 
> prom_init (in prom.c called from Head.S) and identify_machine (in
> setup.c called from Head.S)
> This is my interpretation of the code in Head.S? I certainly could be wrong.....
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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