Kernel debugging??

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at
Wed Nov 17 04:45:27 EST 1999

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Andreas Tobler wrote:
> Ani Joshi wrote:
> >         since you're on a powermac and using BootX, you can use
> > prom_print() to print debuging info before start_kernel, there after you
> This what I'm doing now.
> But I feel a bit lost when it goes into asm.
> > can just use printk().  instead of putting a million prints all over the
> > place, you should look at the patches between 2.3.25-2.3.28 and see what
> > was changed in ppc/kernel or ppc/mm ,

2.3.28 gets sufficiently far to get output on the serial console

> This I also did, on the mm side do I have to include both mm and
> arch/ppc/mm?
> Here many changes happened.
> > i've booted 2.3.25 on my 7200 
> And I could boot a stock 2.3.26 with changes in asm-ppc/fcntl.h
> (O_LARGEFILE ....)

That's very interesting to know! It means we just have to analyse the 2.3.27
and 2.3.28 patches to find out what went wrong.

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