Kernel debugging??

Ani Joshi ajoshi at
Wed Nov 17 02:52:49 EST 1999

	since you're on a powermac and using BootX, you can use
prom_print() to print debuging info before start_kernel, there after you
can just use printk().  instead of putting a million prints all over the
place, you should look at the patches between 2.3.25-2.3.28 and see what
was changed in ppc/kernel or ppc/mm , i've booted
2.3.25 on my 7200 but i have had no time lately to try 2.3.28, perhaps
later today i will work on it.


On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Andreas Tobler wrote:

> Is there a possibility to debug the kernel, especially in its very early
> load stage?
> Is xmon the right tool to do so?
> My situation is a not booting 2.3.28 kernel. All I know is, that I pass
> at least the prom_init(). After that the screen stays black with the
> 'Welcome to kernel 2.3.28' and a few messages about addresses I think.
> And at the end it says 'booting... '
> (On a PM7200 and a Wallstreet I)
> Any experiences around?
> Thanks
> Andreas
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