LinuxPPC information compilation (general)

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at
Tue Nov 16 13:39:13 EST 1999

	Greetings fellow LinuxPPC enthusiasts.
	Please note that I'm not subscribed to linuxppc-user
anymore due to excessive traffic.  I will infrequently
check the list archives but please respond via email
if you're on that list.


	Beyond the basics, there is extreme splintering and
incompleteness in the dissemination of LinuxPPC
information.  This includes basic usage technique and
driver support for each model of Macintosh, making
"the basics" all that much more critical in the
hobbyist-oriented LinuxPPC community.  There is a LOT
of information, but we've already discussed the
problems with the lack of organization and
consolidation of it, making it indefinately useless to
many who don't dedicate tons of time and effort.
	Thanks to whoever put together any of our FAQ,
mailing list, and other infrastructure.
	I'd like to help take responsibility for rounding up
everyone's splinter projects and at least making a
page of links and docs on, classified by
special interest.  I'd like to hierachically index it
per hardware model supported, and then per usage
technique.  It would at least have just URL's,
possibly pointing to entries in an even more modern
and useful FAQ.


	For example, I'd like to start with my system.  I
want to know every freakin' thing there is to know
about LinuxPPC support of the Powerbook "Wallstreet
II" G3 Series.  I spent a lot of time on the mailing
lists, observing and asking many very specific
questions, and had amassed a collection of URL's all
over the planet -- from the kernel developers at, some of whom also overlap with the
community at, to random pages
for people scratching their own itches one at a time. 
After a MacOS-related data loss, I have used every
search engine I know of to try to recollect those
links but I can't find most of them.  This is
IMPORTANT.  It's pretty bad when a singular specialist
community is SO fractured that a passionately addicted
four-year Linux sysadmin/enthusiast such as myself
couldn't successfully use and the rest of
the Internet to find where to get a precompiled
Powerbook kernel and I can't figure out how to build
one myself on my particular machine.
	I'm just acting primarily upon the group consensus
after linuxppc-user's last round of organizational
discussions.  After I've got a bunch of Powerbook
info, I'll find a place on to stash
it, and I'll move on to Dan's Self-Appointed Topic #2.
 That is, to standardize the building and submission
of LinuxPPC packages.  Topic #3 imho is to put
together a think tank consisting of users' prioritized
needs, developers' prioritized interests and
abilities, and a collection of current projects. 
Topic #4 in my mind will then be better maintenance of
the mailing lists (finer grained lower-traffic topics
such as 'powerbook', 'newbie', 'sysadmin',
'packaging', etc).

	To recap:
Topic #1 -- Dan's Powerbook Wallstreet II
Topic #2 -- standard package building and submission
Topic #3 -- think tank enhancing developer-and-user
Topic #4 -- better mailing list maintenance

	To conclude this overenthusiastic runon email, I
implore you all to email me every URL you can possibly
find regarding LinuxPPC on Powerbook G3 Series,
especially Wallstreet II (from March 1999).  I will
become at least a Powerbook information maintainer for
	Thanks for any responses, and for individual replies
rather than list floods (mailing lists are floods by design).

"Don't expect your own messiah; this neverworld which you desire is
only in your mind." --

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