LinuxPPC information compilation (powerbook)

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at
Tue Nov 16 13:26:10 EST 1999

	Hey there everyone.  Please note that I'm no longer
subscribed to linuxppc-user, so private email
responses from members of that list are important :)
	The short version of this request is for all of you
to please send me all URL's you know of regarding
LinuxPPC on Powerbook "Wallstreet II" G3 Series (from
around March 1999).  I want to know how to build
custom model-specific kernels, the canonical kernel
source trees, and how to manage those model-specific
features like power management (at least sleep) and
video acceleration.

	The next email is the long version of my request. 
Thank you for reading, and remember I'm no longer
subscribed to linuxppc-user but will infrequently
check the list archives so please email me.

"Don't expect your own messiah; this neverworld which you desire is
only in your mind." --

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