Physical disk size 65536 blocks for an 8G drive

Jim Hickstein jxh at
Sun Nov 7 16:29:42 EST 1999

> > I have a PBG3 Wallstreet and recently bought a new 8GB drive to put in
> > it, an IBM DYLA-28100.  MacOS 8.6, update the drivers, so far, so good.
> > I managed to get pdisk to make partitions (after umounting /mnt/cdrom
> > from /dev/hda to silence a warning in writing the partition table).
> > MacOS runs fine, with volumes in hda10 (5GB hfs+) and hda11 (600MB hfs),
> > _above_ Linux.  But Linux barfs mounting / on /dev/hda7 (and even worse
> > for /usr on /hda9), saying that the superblock reports a size of
> > so-and-so (~131000 for /) but the _physical size of the disk_ is 65536 blocks.
> >
> > Evidently something is reporting a block count of 0xffff, and it's
> > getting incremented to tell me the "length".  Yet, the drive probes
> > correctly (apparently) and reports a size of 7145MB or so.

Nevermind.  Someone told me about "cat /proc/partitions", which revealed
that 65536 _blocks_ (1K) was in fact the correct size of /dev/hda7, and
the ~900000-block size in the superblock was the wrong part.

I tried it all again, this time with no Jaz cart, and I told it to check
for bad blocks (not sure I had the patience for this last time), and for
some reason it worked.  I'm running it now.  Bizarre.

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