Development for Power3 systems

David Edelsohn dje at
Sat May 29 03:16:50 EST 1999

>>>>> Emil Briggs writes:

Emil> We've got a Power3 system (43P-260) on order. It should be
Emil> here next week and I would like to run Linux on it. Would like
Emil> to know if a porting effort is going on and if there is
Emil> if I can do anyting to assist when the hardware gets here.

	IBM is working with the Linux/PPC community to port Linux to
RS/6000 including 43P Model 150, F50, and 43P Model 260.  There is some
additional infrastructure work underway to support 64-bit Linux/PPC.
Running 32-bit Linux/PPC on a 43P Model 260 may be available sooner.

for more details.

	Cort Dougan and Paul Mackerras can let you know where assistance
would be helpful.


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