can't find crt1.o. egcs powerpc-linux cross-compile problem.

Brendan Simon brendan at
Wed May 26 09:43:48 EST 1999

David Edelsohn wrote:

>         Did you build cross-binutils at the same time as cross-gcc?
> David

Nope.  I built binutils seperately and installed them.  I then added the
install path to my PATH environment variable and then started to build
egcs.  I was following the LinuxPPC cross-compiler instructions and have
done this for a powerpc-eabi cross-compiler.  The only difference was
that I left out the --with-newlib option to configure.  Having read
other replies, this option MIGHT solve my problem.  The LinuxPPC
instructions for building a cross-compiler say that the --with-newlib
option is there to avoid linking in __eprintf.  I know that Linux now
uses glibc and was a bit worried about using the --with-newlib switch in
case it stuffed things up later.  I couldn't find any references to
linux in the newlib source (which is sort of what I expected) so I
thought that I did not need use the --with-newlib option.

Can anyone advise me on the best approach ?

Brendan Simon.

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