Initio miles tests :-(

laures at laures at
Tue May 25 08:02:46 EST 1999

On 24 Mai, Tom Rini wrote:
> Can you do all the stress testing if you don't pdisk the drive?  Also can
What I did: partitionned the disk under MacOs, two hfs, the second
mke2fsck'ed in linux after insertion of the module.
That's basically what I'm always doing, see below why.

> you go:
> pdisk /dev/blank-inito-disk
> ... create partitions ...
This is not possible since pdisk reports a incredible number of 512
bytes block for a 256M disk (the test drive), with a total free space
of 126G!!!
Here pdisk fail at creating the partition map, and at modifying it
I wish I could show you the output of pdisk, is it possible to redirect
output on a file, still setting the keyborad as input ?

Thx for your help :-)

Guillaume Laurès - student @ ESIEA (

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