OF booting news

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 21 04:39:58 EST 1999

Jerry Quinn wrote:
> Remco Post wrote:

> > BootX is a huge improvement if you like waiting for a machine to boot and have
> > an option. Quik is still my favourite since I never boot MacOS on my 7200.

> BootX is a huge improvement because it allows OS choice in a clean
> manner. I don't like waiting for my system to boot any more than the
> next person, although timeout on an OS chooser doesn't bother me.

I am curious: Has anyone ever compared the actual booting times for OF
booting and BootX booting (I can't, because my 6400 doesn't OF boot
anymore). I suspect the difference is less than 10 seconds. On a total
booting time of more than 60 seconds, this is really minimal.

I just rebooted, and the total time of 110 seconds (from typing "reboot"
until the login prompt) was spent as follows:

35 sec: shutdown
23 sec: starting MacOS and BootX extension, hitting the button, waiting
for the  
        penguin to show up and the kernel messages to start scrolling by
52 sec: rest of linux boot procedure.


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