gcc newbie

Vince D. Duperron vince at nos40zr.shell.com
Wed May 19 01:30:50 EST 1999


One of my goals for linuxppc is learning C and C++.  I have started 
the process by writing some elementary programs to get failure with 
the syntax and have had success compiling them on my Sun using Sun's
cc compiler.  I haven't been able to achieve the same results using 
gcc under linuxppc or SunOS.  I suspect I am doing something
gcc doesn't like or understand.  

The programs are short but I hesitate to just post the code.  Being new to 
C and C++ all I have to go by for syntax is what is in my text book.  It 
would be nice if somebody has a moment to look at the code and let me know 
what I may be doing wrong.  Also if you have a good book to recommend that
focuses on gcc and is written for a beginner I'd probably buy it.  

thank you

Vince Duperron

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