2.2.8/2.3.0 SCSI problems?

Corey Minyard minyard at acm.org
Sat May 15 07:10:43 EST 1999

Matt Porter <mmporter at home.com> writes:

> I was running vger 2.2.5 with patches for Motorola support on a variety
> of systems here successfully.
> These patches made it into 2.3.0 so I'm testing it and finding that SCSI
> support is broken.  On an MTX with a 53c875 chipset, the 2.3.0 kernel
> hangs scanning the SCSI bus.  The ncr8xx driver has been updated since
> 2.2.5, but I get the same results if I patch the driver from 2.2.5 into
> 2.3.0.
> Seems like it's either a generic scsi support issue or something PPC
> specific.  It is reporting that PCI interrupts are set properly and all
> the driver resources are allocated the same as in my 2.2.5 kernel so I'm
> at a loss for answers. :-/
> --
> Matt Porter
> mmporter at home.com

I'm having the same problem with my MVME2700 with an ncr53c8xx chip.
I did a little debugging and checking.  In my previous kernel version
that I had running (2.2p4), it chose to use interrupt 14 for the chip.
In 2.2.9, it chose to use interrupt 19.  But that is the only thing I
can find.

If anyone has a solution I'd like to know.


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