2.2.8/2.3.0 SCSI problems?

Matt Porter mmporter at home.com
Fri May 14 01:33:26 EST 1999

I was running vger 2.2.5 with patches for Motorola support on a variety
of systems here successfully.

These patches made it into 2.3.0 so I'm testing it and finding that SCSI
support is broken.  On an MTX with a 53c875 chipset, the 2.3.0 kernel
hangs scanning the SCSI bus.  The ncr8xx driver has been updated since
2.2.5, but I get the same results if I patch the driver from 2.2.5 into

Seems like it's either a generic scsi support issue or something PPC
specific.  It is reporting that PCI interrupts are set properly and all
the driver resources are allocated the same as in my 2.2.5 kernel so I'm
at a loss for answers. :-/

Matt Porter
mmporter at home.com

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