Motorola Powerstack Parallel Port

Gary Thomas gdt at
Thu May 13 14:35:36 EST 1999

On 13-May-99 Jeff Rugen wrote:
> Ok, according to the book that came with my Motorola PowerStack, I have a
> parallel port that is compatible with IEEE standard 1284, including the
> Extended Capability Port (ECP) and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP).  However,
> the driver (parport_pc) doesn't recognize it as ECP and EPP, and says its
> only SPP.  I haven't played around the parallel port much, so I figured I'd
> ask first, to see if anyone else had looked into this before.  Does the
> kernel need to do some sort of initialization before the parallel port is
> recognized as such?   (I do have a B&W quickcam plugged into the port now,
> but I don't think that should affect the detection).

It might - those devices do funky things to the port even though they are
supposed to be invisible unless being accessed.

> I have one of the old 100MHz 604 machines.  I'm trying to get the quickcam
> drivers working with the 2.2.x/2.3.x kernel (I had one of the drivers
> working with the 2.0.x kernel, but I don't know if it was in EPP or SPP
> mode).
> Any help, pointers, or advice on this topic would be much appreciated.
> If you know what specific chip is used to implement the parallel
> port, I can look around for a data book on it as well.  Thanks for any help.

The parallel port, along with most of the other devices in the system, are
implemented in the PCI-bridge chip (82473 IIRC).

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