Motorola Powerstack Parallel Port

Jeff Rugen jrugen at
Thu May 13 11:32:34 EST 1999

Ok, according to the book that came with my Motorola PowerStack, I have a
parallel port that is compatible with IEEE standard 1284, including the
Extended Capability Port (ECP) and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP).  However,
the driver (parport_pc) doesn't recognize it as ECP and EPP, and says its
only SPP.  I haven't played around the parallel port much, so I figured I'd
ask first, to see if anyone else had looked into this before.  Does the
kernel need to do some sort of initialization before the parallel port is
recognized as such?   (I do have a B&W quickcam plugged into the port now,
but I don't think that should affect the detection).

I have one of the old 100MHz 604 machines.  I'm trying to get the quickcam
drivers working with the 2.2.x/2.3.x kernel (I had one of the drivers
working with the 2.0.x kernel, but I don't know if it was in EPP or SPP

Any help, pointers, or advice on this topic would be much appreciated.
If you know what specific chip is used to implement the parallel
port, I can look around for a data book on it as well.  Thanks for any help.

Jeff Rugen                      jrugen at

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