Mac-on-linux is now working...

Samuel Rydh samuel at
Tue May 11 05:33:09 EST 1999

Mac-on-linux is an open source emulator which 
runs Mac OS on linuxPPC machines. Since the
processor is running unemulated it is very fast
(about 95% according to speedometer specmarks
on a 8500).

Currently Mac OS boots on the 7200 and 8500
without a ROM-image. Other machines should be 
able to run the software using a ROM-image 
from one of those two computers (G3 machines may
or may not boot Mac OS).

Brief status summary:

video:		full-screen video working
mouse/keyboard:	working
scsi:		working
floppy:		working
sound:		not implemented
ethernet:	not implemented (yet)
serial:		hack allowing OF interaction

More information (and the source code) can be found 
at <>.

The project could have use a few more developers, so
please join the mac-on-linux team!

/Samuel Rydh


  E-mail <samuel at>  WWW: <>
    Phone/fax: (home) +46 4418431, (work) +46 7908470   

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