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Kostas Gewrgiou gewrgiou at
Mon May 3 14:56:45 EST 1999

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Jason Y. Sproul wrote:

> Tom Vier <nester at> posted back in March about the need for someone
> to hack up a PowerPC linkage function for XPCOM. Netscape's XPCOM will be
> essential to Mozilla in the near future, and the functions in question are
> only a few dozen lines long. I've been in touch with the module owner about
> doing this, but I won't be able to work on it for at least a week or two
> (possibly more). I'm also not familiar with LinuxPPC calling conventions
> (although I am familiar with other ABIs, and with PPC asm).
> Furthermore, it appears that a pre-R5 glibc2 system is necessary to make
> Mozilla work at all, and I've yet to set that up. I've got a partition I
> can use, but I have to clean it up and download and install pre-R5. And
> hopefully R5 will be out soon anyway.
> Does someone else want to volunteer for this? Alternatively, could anyone
> point me to a good reference on the LinuxPPC ABI? Extra bonus points if you
> can make Mozilla work on my R4 system... Thanks!
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Mozilla works fine under R4, i am using the XFree libs so i am not sure
if it will work with the X libs installed with R4 (you are going to need
a newer version anyways since the default libs aren't thread safe). 
I do have an rpm of mozilla (built with no changes from the R5 srpm) if
you want it.

  Kostas Gewrgiou.

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