BDM for MPC860

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sun May 2 19:31:51 EST 1999

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.990501181912.11708A-100000 at localhost> you write:
> I've search the net but I couldn't find anything supporting
> the BDM on an MPC8xx. I found a driver for Coldfire and for
> CPU32.

Well, of course there are lots of tools - commercial  ones.  See  for
instance  PowerTAP  by Applied Microsystems (, Trace32 by
Lauterbach (, visionPROBE by EST (  or
BlackBird  by  SDS  (  [there  are some other vendors as
well, and usually there is more than one solution from each of  those
vendors]. Be prepared to hear prices in the 5...10 k$ range.

But I guess you  are  looking  for  a  (cheap)  hardware  probe  that
cooperates  nicely  with  some of the common freeware debugging tools
like GDB? This is something I'm looking for, too...

> First, I'd like to use the BDM to download the kernel; is
> there any tools? Eventually, I would also like to debug 
> applications and eventually the kernel.

With one of the above tools those things can be  done.  But  I  don't
know of a solution for the 860 or 8260 that does not take a few k$.


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