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Norman R Weathers norman at
Wed Mar 31 00:12:57 EST 1999

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Andrew J Benie wrote:

> Hi
> I would have thought that linuxPPC would work on the PowerPC 601 chip as 
> that is the chip that was in the first generation PCI based powermacs 
> such as the 7200. LinuxPCC definately works on the 7200 as I am currently 
> running release 4 on one.

Indeed, we too have used the R4 release(kernel 2.0.30) with our Nobis
based IBM
PowerPC's.  The only problem we ever had was with the new kernels, which
at the time that we had a spare moment to try them, there were problems
with the BATs if I remember correctly (Cort, remember us from University
of Arkansas and the ****ed 601 we had?).   We haven't had time to try
recent releases of the kernel.

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Technology Coordinator ETS
University of Arkansas

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