modifying boot loader

David Edelsohn dje at
Tue Mar 30 09:49:23 EST 1999

>>>>> Dave Weis writes:

Dave> linuxppc on a mca based rs6000. any pointers? :-) i have figured out that
Dave> when you hit start on the kernel, either r3 or r4 will point to an ipl_cb.
Dave> can you disclose if the boot loader looks for the symbol named start or
Dave> address 0x24?

	Are you sure the machine in question actually is a PowerPC system
as opposed to a POWER architecture RS/6000.  LinuxPPC will not run on
POWER architecture as LinuxPPC uses PowerPC instructions and memory
management is different.

	The pre-PREP / pre-CHRP RS/6000 loaders are extremely simplistic,
but I do not know the details.  If it understands XCOFF, then it might
look at the entry point for the "application" in the header to know the
starting address.


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