modifying boot loader

Dave Weis djweis at
Tue Mar 30 09:38:36 EST 1999

> 	What are you actually trying to accomplish?  The values at

linuxppc on a mca based rs6000. any pointers? :-) i have figured out that
when you hit start on the kernel, either r3 or r4 will point to an ipl_cb.
can you disclose if the boot loader looks for the symbol named start or
address 0x24?

> pin_obj_start are not magic numbers or instructions but user-friendly
> values mapped at address 0.  It is trying to map values 0x0 and 0XBADFCA11

duh. that code didn't really seem to make much sense. thanks for the

> (bad function call) so that dereferencing a data pointer or a PowerOpen
> ABI function pointer at address zero (0) will produce a visual clue.  This
> is produced by assembly like:
> addr0:
>        .long   0
>        .long   0xBADFCA11
> And you make the linker map label addr0 at physical address 0.

Cool. Project #1 tomorrow.



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