kernel lockups during extended sound playing on PReP BlackHawk

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Thu Mar 25 02:20:12 EST 1999

I have a PReP BlackHawk machine with build-in cs4232 audio controller
which has been having lockup problems while playing sound for an extended
period of time.

When the machine locks up, it seems like it's dieing in the interrupt
code, since I get no response from anything (keyboard, serial port,
network). There are no incriminating messages on the serial console. I
can't tell if the main console says anything because it's blanked.

This has happened in vger 2.2.4 and in regular 2.2.1.

This also doesn't happen until sound has been playing for several hours
(via an MP3 player).

does anyone have any idea what might be causeing this, and where to start
adding printk's?

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