ANS Patches en route to the 2.2.x kernel?

David T. McWherter dtm at
Wed Mar 24 10:49:03 EST 1999

> I've been trying to watch all of the recent kernel releases and ac patches
> for signs of the ANS patches (video, ethernet, etc.) by David T. McWherter
> and have been left unsatisfied.
> Is there a way to look and see if various patches have been
> sent/accepted/waiting in queue? I've grepped through some of the latest
> patches without finding it....anyone know where it is and it's status?

It's not in the pending queue, yet, as I've been too busy to 
work on it up until now.  Within the week, I hope to work with
G. Corville to get the patches into the queue...As they're 
fairly stable, and no major updates are seemingly going to
happen for a short while (at  least no updates from me -
I'm working towards an installer and such, though.).


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