HFS+ Support / Quick Question

AArthur arthur99 at global2000.net
Wed Mar 24 03:31:30 EST 1999

>I was just wondering whether LinuxPPC 5.0, will be able to read and write to
>HFS Plus drives. I have had a look through your sites but could not find any
>info on this.

Nope. Don't count on HFS+ support in the near future, there is more
important things to wait for in life.

It will not be ready for LinuxPPC 5.0, for certain.

HFS+ support is underway, it will probably be at least a year before
reliable HFS+ support will be useable. While the Darwin project is providing
some answers on this, any work currently done is a extremely primitive. Some
estimates say that Linux HFS+ support should be workable in the Summer of
1999, at the earliest.

Anyway, Mac OS 8.x's support of HFS+ is really bad, so I would stay away
from HFS+ for a while. (HFS+ File Manger is emulated under Mac OS 8.x).
That's why you see on MacFixit, that HFS+ benchmarks are slower then HFS

You can continue to use a HFS disk to transfer data between the Mac OS and
Linux for the mean time.


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