egcs-1.1.1c-src under R4 ? different sources?

Andreas Tobler toa at
Mon Mar 15 09:28:26 EST 1999

As I remember from mailings earlier this year, Gary t. stated that the egcs
was built against -fno-vtable-thunks. I got the sources of egcs-1.1.1c from ?
( I know my problem)  when I unpacked them I saw in mt-linux the known
-fvtable-thunks. Are there different sources available, with the same
indices(1.1-1c)? I need them without. I patched my sources but without any
success. I didn't found a libstdc++ on the known places. So I tried myself.
The success is not as the one I expected.

How about a clear separation of R4 and pre-R5(R5)? many mirrors don't work as
expected. Other people stated the same (Martin)
Any clarification would help. 
thanks in advance

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