No-IDE kernel compile link errors

Hollis R Blanchard hollis+ at
Tue Mar 9 15:12:18 EST 1999

I've been having this problem recently with 2.2.2 source from and
now the NMT vger snapshot:

So I 'make menuconfig'. And since I have a PowerCenter (with no IDE anything),
I turn off all IDE support, in General and Block Devices.

I get the following link error:
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o: In function `find_ide_boot':
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1ca6): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1caa): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1cc2): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1cc6): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1cce): undefined reference to
arch/ppc/kernel/kernel.o(.text.init+0x1d06): undefined reference to

Awesome. Of course it can't find those symbols - I haven't compiled (and don't
want) any IDE stuff.

When I rerun 'make menuconfig', I find that the IDE stuff has been re-enabled
on me. My other changes were saved, though. Examining the .config file, I find

On a related note, I've always wondered who maintains the Makefiles for the
kernel. Is it communal, and if so, are patches to the Makefiles submitted just
like source patches?


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