Sounds & screen on 7200/90 w/kernel 2.2.2

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Tue Mar 9 13:43:22 EST 1999


I just booted Linux kernel 2.2.2 on a 7200/90 and it's looking fairly good
except for two problems.  First, I have a line across most of the screen
about 2/3 down.  It's 1-2 pixels high.  This was in the (once-blue) boot screen
as well as in the Xpmac display - it never goes away.

In dmesg, I see: platinum_set_var: Not activating.

Secondly, some of the sounds I have are very scratchy now.  Volume seems to
be messed up.  I was hoping KDE 1.1pre sounds would work under this kernel,
but no luck.  I'm using the RPMS someone made for R4.

Thanks much,

glen_stewart at

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